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Do you feel that your multicultural background, which includes a Greek mother and a Jamaican father, has helped you to be more creative?

I find it interesting to be creative because I listen to so many different kinds of music and I am interested in all cultures. I love Brazilian music. Jamaican music is my favorite, of course, but it's not all reggae. Jamaica has many other musical delights. I also love Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Indian music.replica watches I like American music, especially jazz, soul, and gospel. I don't really know if I like this music because I am mixed or just because it's a musician thing. Many musicians I talk to like weird things, and this is what I learn from them. It could be both.

Who was your childhood hero?

Lauryn Hills, the Fugees and people who can sing well were my favorites. I also loved funky music that I could dance along to. But I found that I was drawn to female singers such as Erykah Badu, Ella Fitzgerald and Gill Scott. Ella Fitzgerald is probably my favourite singer of all time. Billie Holiday is also a great singer, but I only appreciated her later. Sade has an elegant, sophisticated tone. Her music was always on the right note. India Arie was my favorite singer when I was a young girl. I was fascinated by her voice, and I also loved the guitar she played.

Do you have a favorite duo partner?

Yes, Sade. Sade is my favorite singer. Emiliana Torrini is an Icelandic singer with the purest, angelic and heavenly siren-like voice. She is incredible.

What is your favorite part about being a musician? What do you enjoy more, performing or being creative?

This is probably because I am currently recording and writing. It is a completely different experience. I also love to perform, but it's very different. You discover things in writing that you didn't know existed before, and you can take them wherever you like. You can express yourself differently through performance.

What are your plans for this year?

I'm just writing until I get enough material to call it an album.Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica I am learning as many chords as possible, as I would like to get away from my habitual chord progressions. I want to learn new things and expand my mind. I also listen to music.

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